The Results Are In

The 2020 Salmon Run results are in and available for viewing:

Additionally, your personalized certificate is also available for downloading.  Print and frame, or shred and use for kitty litter as you wish.

Thank you all for participating in the 2020 SR party.  After years of hovering in the 300-log range, this was a banner year with 564 logs received.  We had more of every category, including mobiles.   Four factors may explain this year’s growth:

  1. The Pandemic.  Yes, more operators were available on a weekend.  Socially-distanced Expeditions were evident for those who ‘just had to get out of the house’.
  2. The ‘State QSO Party Challenge’.   Participation from outside Washington grew by more than 80% from 2019.  Since you’re wondering, there was a 43% growth inside Washington from last year.
  3. Improved technology The WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo tool allowed those without logging software to create an electronic log from their paper log.  The web upload of Cabrillo logs, along with email receipts, streamlined the submission process.  We are extremely grateful to the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) for adopting and hosting the new Salmon Run web engine to handle all the logs, receipts, and certificates.
  4. Marketing.  We think every Club in the PNW was involved with putting out the word.  The new web site was tracking hits and downloads of the Rules weeks ahead of the opening of the Run.

We offer congratulations and sincere thanks to Dink/N7WA, the SR Chairman, for his herculean effort with all the logs; please don’t believe for a minute that log scoring is just the click of a mouse.  It’s not just the calculating of one participant’s score, but the cross-checking every log against the other 563 logs that adds to the complexity.  Determining how many counties were worked and by whom, dealing with ‘busted’ calls and wrong QSO times was also difficult.  Assembling the WA Club Aggregate standings often requires some detective work.   In all, only 3 participants became ‘checklogs’, and that was because their logs weren’t submitted until after the deadline had passed.

Sweeps!  Based on the Soapbox comments, the emails, and the chatter during the SR itself, it was quite evident that attaining a sweep of all 39 counties mattered more to most Washingtonians than a final numbered score.  That’s certainly in keeping with the history of Salmon Run!  For us, it’s a fun event, a friendly party, and not just another contest.  We have never had as many 39-county sweeps as this year!


Salmon Run 2020 Rules Changes

Changes for the 2020 opening of Salmon Run, to be conducted on September 19th and 20th, include:

  • Please read the Rules, recently republished.
  • A web robot for uploading Cabrillo logs.
  • The retirement of paper logs, a resource constraint as SR has grown.
  • Additional award categories and newly sponsored plaques.
  • Newly designed participation and award certificates will be downloadable on demand.