2023 Log Submission

That’s a wrap for the 2023 Salmon Run! It was great to hear and work so many of you on the air this year!

Thanks to all the stations that participated in roving, running, fishing, chasing, and handing out big bonus points in the 2023 Salmon Run.  Don’t forget to submit your logs to be eligible for smoked salmon awards, plaques, and certificates, and clean sweep mugs.

Once you’ve measured your salmon and weighed them twice, please submit your logs here using the online form.  The server will validate your logs and let you know if there are any issues to prevent your submission.  Per the rules, logs submitted by other way cannot be accepted.

If you have a log that wasn’t created from a logging program that outputs Cabrillo V3 (transcribing from a paper log, logging with excel, sorting SR out from your other QSO party logs, etc.) we suggest using the form at http://b4h.net/cabforms/waqp_cab3.php to create your log. At the end of the creation process, it will send you to the submission form for a final check, and allow you to submit your log.  All entrants must submit their own logs via the submission form, but if you’re running into problems please email the salmon run committee and we’ll help you the best we can.

If you need to re-submit your log for any reason, just correct the error and re-submit through the same process.  Only the most recent log received for any given callsign will be scored.

The deadline for log submission is 2 weeks after the close of the contest, or 2359Z on October 1 (5PM PDT Sunday Oct 1).

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