2023 Salmon Run Resources

The Salmon Run is upon us!  Here are some resources for those of you participating this year:

Salmon run starts at 1600Z Saturday 9/16 and runs through 0700Z Sunday (9AM-Midnight Saturday local). All the fish get a break overnight, and we run again 1600Z-2400Z (9AM-5PM) on Sunday 9/17.

Please read the 2023 Rules for all the details.  Self spotting is allowed this year.

Not sure what to log? The exchange is simple: just RS(T) plus Washington county abbreviation for in-state operators, and RS(T) plus State/Province/DX Entity Prefix.  Canadian and DX operators – please check the rules for the sent exchange for your specific location!

For the WA County abbreviations, see this page or download a printable version.

For logging, N1MM+ and N3FJP have both been updated recently for the contest, but other software can work great as well.

For Washington stations – make sure to publish your activation plan please check out the Activate a County post – even if you’re operating fixed from home!

Finally, check out the Online Dashboard during the county to filter for stations and counties that you’re missing!

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