Activate a County 2023

Activate a County 2023 is live! Whether you’re fixed, mobile, or on an expedition like Lewis and Clark, please enter your activation details here. This year’s activation form is similar to last year’s but we’ve formatted the data a little differently to enable you to enter and update your form responses. Below is a map and list of all responses. If you need to change your response, look in your email for a message titled “Salmon Run County Activation” and click the “edit response” button at the top of the email. The map below takes around 15 minutes to update after you’ve entered or edited your activation.

During the contest, if you’re hunting for a specific county you can use the larger dashboard with more filtering options here.

2023 Rovers: K7TQ and N7WA will be activating 20 counties in Eastern Washington this year! See their website for more details!

To aid in activation planning, browse the interactive map below to see the claimed QSO counts from each county from 2022. Use the dropdown to update the map coloring by mode, and select individual or multiple counties by clicking on the map, clicking on the county name in the table, or CTRL-Clicking the county names in the table to focus on multiple counties.

A final tool that we’ve created to assist county-line activators and portable is an interactive map of Washington Counties on top of a satellite base layer. Note that the county lines on this map aren’t ‘official’ – but for most cases they are pretty close. Please consult the MARAC rules prior to your final location choice for determining the official county line locations for purpose of the QSO Party and county hunting.

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