The 2021 Results Are In

The 2021 Salmon Run results are in and available for viewing:

Additionally, your personalized certificate is also available for downloading.  Print and frame, or shred and use for kitty litter as you wish.

Thank you all for participating in the 2021 SR party!  We offer congratulations and sincere thanks to Dink/N7WA, the SR Chairman, for his herculean effort with all the logs; please don’t believe for a minute that log scoring is just the click of a mouse.  It’s not just the calculating of one participant’s score, but the cross-checking every log against the other logs that adds to the complexity.  Determining how many counties were worked and by whom, dealing with ‘busted’ calls and wrong QSO times was also difficult.  Assembling the WA Club Aggregate standings often requires some detective work, but in the end it’s all worthwhile.

We hope to hear you again next year!



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