Watering Holes

Rumor has it that there are several favored fishing spots where salmon can be found during the Run.  Among them are:

  • 10m.  Both on Saturday and Sunday, look for CW activity on 28.040 at high noon (1900Z).
  • 75m.  On Saturday night ~4-5pm (0000-0100Z), tune around 3.935 +/- QRM for activity centered in Grant County, with folks all over WA checking in on SSB before dinner.
  • 160m.  Saturday night, you’ll find SSB activity at 1.847 starting ~9:30pm (0430Z) and CW on ~1.830 at 10pm (0500Z).


Others have said:

I’ll be working as :SOAB / HP:
6m phone from CN88bd76 in Clallam county for 10 minutes (or until any queue is cleared) every other half hour during daylight hours 1730Z, 1930Z, 2130Z, 2330Z, and 0130Z Saturday.
80 & 160m phone during night and greyline hours.
Otherwise I will be operating on 20 during the day and 40 at night once I’ve cleared any queues in the above schedules.
I will keep an eye on 10 & 15 should they show signs of propagation. If so I may move there if I’m not busy on other bands.

Chris WY7W


Saturday 20 meters 14.278 from 10-1p, 40 meter 7.2435 from 2-5p, 80 meters from 6-9p 3.933 MHz.

All planned frequencies may vary slightly depending on conditions. This is a rare county contact.

Also on Sunday I’m running from 11-2p on 14.232 and 3-7p 80 on 3.933.  All on PH mode.

John Pierre N3FQ


On Sunday I plan to rove and will be on SSB 40 and 20, 1600-2400Z from Kitsap, Jefferson, Clallam, and Mason counties.

Bill, W7VAS

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